Friday, March 8, 2013

Romanian pasta "Mucenici"

"Mucenici" is a traditional Romanian recipe, usually prepared on March 8th and served March 9th, when the Orthodox Church celebrates the 40 martyrs killed in Sevastia, who refused to renounce Christianity. 
Also, it is said drinking wine on March 9th, gives you strength for the entire year.

"Mucenici" are made ​​from a dough of flour, water, salt and lemon zest, and cut with a special shape in the form of number eight, symbolizing cosmic balance.
I don't have this special form, so I simplified the recipe and made it ​​with pasta :)

pasta whole wheat
lemon zest
maple syrup / honey / sugar

Preparation Method

Bake the walnuts in a pan on the stove or in a tray in the
oven. Then crush / grind it as fine as desired.

Bring the water
with salt to boil. When water begins to boil add the pasta and lemon zest, and optionally a little cinnamon.
After the pasta is cooked, take off the heat source, and drain it, if you prefer live a little bit of water (we like it a bit juicy), then add maple syrup or other sweetener you have, let it cool a bit and finally add the ground walnuts and mix.



Poţi să incluzi link (calea catre fisier jpg) către o imagine dacă ai încercat reţeta şi ai făcut o fotografie.