Sunday, September 23, 2012

Placinte crete

"Placinte crete" is a Romanian dish specific to the Maramures region.
Since I've found this recipe we can't get enough of them, they're very good! :)

600 g all purpose flour
300 ml warm water
2 teaspoons dry yeast
50 ml oil
1 teaspoon honey
1 teaspoon salt
Cheese Filling
600 g cheese (feta)
green dill
5 green onions
Cabbage filling
600 g fresh cabbage, chopped



Dissolve the yeast, sugar and salt in warm water, then mix all the ingredients and knead the dough into an elastic one - not sticky, let it rise, and prepare the filling in the meantime.
If you want to make the
cabbage filling, fry an onion in 4 tablespoons oil, then place the cabbage, 3 tablespoons water, salt, pepper and cook until they're well sautéed.
If you
want to make the cheese filling, mix all ingredients above.

I make them with different fillings, depends on family needs :).

After the dough has risen, break it into 8 or 16 equal pieces, depending on how small or large you want them. Roll the pieces of dough with a rolling pin, then distribute the desired filling on each piece,

pack them by plying from the corners to the center.

Then roll each piece with a rolling pin again, using oil / flour in the process

and fry them in a non stick pan, brushed with oil.



Poţi să incluzi link (calea catre fisier jpg) către o imagine dacă ai încercat reţeta şi ai făcut o fotografie.